Unity Launches New Products and Prices

Today, at Unite Europe, we announced new products that will launch in June. If you are an existing customer we will be inviting you to transition over to the new products with personalized offers.

Unity announced that it will be separating Unity into three different versions. Here is a screenshot from their website that outlines the new Unity Personal, Unity Plus and Unity Pro versions.




All platforms are included in each of the different versions and the differences are somewhat minimal between each. The main different is that the removal of the splash screen, for desktop users, now is in the Unity Pro level which is $125 USD a month. Comparing this to what it is currently, $75 USD a month, I am beginning to wonder if it is worth paying that much more to remove the splash screen (assuming you do not really need the extra line items that Unity Pro provides).

Once I get more information about what is all happening, I’ll make sure I post again!

Also, I posted a question on the Unity forum here asking what is happening to Level 11?

We shall see!


United 2015 – Boston! Keynote and more!

Hello world!

It has been way too long since I have posted anything on here, my apologies! I have been receiving a lot of support emails from folks who have had questions on how to do certain things in Unity. If you’re one of them, I’ll be responding back as soon as possible!

Life has been a whirlwind around here lately. We are actively developing, as some might know, a title for the Xbox one. This has consumed a good amount of my after-hours-programming-hours-situtation-etc. Heh, if you follow what I’m saying, game development is a lot of hard (but REWARDING!) work! :) So long story short, don’t give up!

But what I wanted to share today is that Unity is having the Unite 2015 up in Boston this week!

I definitely wish I could have went this year but too many things going on.

Here is the link, so make sure you watch!

Talk to you all soon!


Change Sprite UI Button Unity New UI System

I ran into something that I thought to myself, oh boy, this is a Unity trick that most people might not know immediately. The problem is that you might, in code, have to change the Sprite image that a UI Button (Unity UI) uses at one point in time.

Most people would think that you can reference the Button object and just reference the .image aspect of this. That actually won’t work for the Unity UI Buttons.

What you need to do is something like this:

gameObject.GetComponent<Image>().sprite = newSpriteToAssign;

The snippet above basically highlights what you need to do. You need to reference the Image component of the UI Button, which is a different component on the actual game object. So with that being said, grab a reference to the entire game object you are working on and then use .GetComponent<Image>() to grab the .sprite that you can now reassign.

Any questions? Just ask!


Early Access to Unity 2D Tools! Unity 3d News!

Unity 3d 2d toolsGreat news just came from the Unity blog saying that Unity 2D team has released an early access alpha build to Unity Pro users for new 2D features!

Here is what they referenced as a sneak peak of the new 2D build that is available now:

Tile Map Editor
9-Slice Sprites
Smart Sprite
ETC1 Compression
Improved Sprite Packing
And many more…

It sounds like the 2D side of things is getting a nice over haul and a lot more love, which is great! I know personally I’ve always loved 2D games and being that Unity 3D is my engine of choice, this is just awesome.

The link to the current alpha can be found here on the BitBucket Unity uses.

I’ll be giving this a try here soon and if I see anything cool, I’ll write up another post!


Unity Asset Store Tomorrow Sale! Great deals!

Unity asset store tomorrow saleThe Unity Asset Store is having a huge sale for the next 7 days (ends 4/14/2015), it is called the Tomorrow Sale!

All of the assets are related to Sci-Fi based things, think of space, mars, awesome space-stations, etc. Definitely great way to grab new assets for your space shooter you’re making… you’re making a space shooter, right? Come on, now is the time!

I’m a sucker for any sort of detailed levels that are modular or just amazingly put together into prefabs. The Sci-fi level kit they have on sale looks REALLY tempting to add to my collection of assets. Plus, this one might be random but awesome looking, is the mars environment asset. It is just a model of the mars surface but I could see this becoming something pretty slick in a game.